Tackling The Issue of Flu During Pregnancy

A pregnant lady has not only to take care of her health but also the baby’s health. A proper care and help is required so that the mother as well baby can stay healthy. You may suffer from cold and flu at the time of pregnancy because the immune system becomes slightly weak. Therefore it is very natural that you need to do something to improve the immune system. Your body can fight with the infections of cold and flu effectively.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are absolutely great to improve the power of immune system. A healthy diet should include these things because they contain antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C which are very important to handle cold and flu infections. Sometime doctors recommend additional types of supplements specially prepared for pregnant ladies. You need to reduce the level of stress and it is important to take rest properly. Make sure you do not smoke or take alcohol during pregnancy. It not only helps your immune system however it also helps your baby to stay protected.

In case you get a flu shot at the time of pregnancy than it can be beneficial to protect your baby. Infants cannot take a flu vaccine till the first six months. Therefore flu shot can be useful for your baby. It protects them from any kind of virus or infection. Keep your baby away from crowd or any sick person as it can be dangerous for them. You need to take care of yourself properly. In case you still suffer from flu than your first target is to protect yourself from any kind of other infection. Your baby is dependent on you therefore you are not in a position to take any kind of risk. Always talk to your doctor before you take any kind of antibiotics.

Restless Legs At The Time Of Pregnancy

Restless legs syndrome which is popularly known as RLS is the case when a women cannot stay comfortably and she feels that the legs are becoming restless. It affects women and they cannot feel relaxed without interruptions. These types of patients like to sit with relaxed position however they feel restless and they cannot stay in a particular position. They feel highly uncomfortable and they like to change the position or place as soon as possible. They generally feel some type of body pain or sometimes they feel itchy. It becomes necessary for a woman to walk for few minutes at this condition. It has been found that 17% of pregnant women feel this issue.

What are the reasons for this uncomfortable condition? The exact answer is not clear to anyone so far. We can easily find so many people who think that they know the actual reason however it has not been proved theoretically. It has been said that hormonal changes are one of the prime reasons. Deficiency of iron can also be one of the reasons. The proper making of dopamine in the brain gets affected due to the deficiency of iron. It can give the issue of restless legs during pregnancy especially at the night time. You need to consult your doctor before you take any decision. If your doctor says that it is mainly because of the deficiency of iron than you can take iron supplements after the suggestion of your doctor.

The maximum time of this issue is up to one month after the delivery. There can be some types of side effects if you are taking a particular medicine without consulting your doctor. It is the case of movement disorder and it has been found in many cases that herbal treatment can be a good option. However do not forget to ask your physician before you take any step.

How To Deal With Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain at the time of pregnancy is very common. People say that it is a normal thing at this stage but it is very tough for that person to handle who is actually going through this stage. Back pain can be avoided or treated properly if we have some patience. A proper attention towards it can help you to reduce this pain. Some main reasons of back pain in this condition are additional weight which you may acquire during this time and the position of your baby. You may also face this problem if you are not taking care of your body appropriately.

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Make sure that you are not lifting any heavy thing. It is very dangerous for you. Do not even think to wear high heels in any case. You need to see your comfort level at this time. Your standing position is very hazardous if you wear high heels. It can give permanent damage. Results clearly say that only 30% of surgeries become successful if your body requires it at some point of life. Pregnant support belts can be very supportive. You can also use maternity pillows. These are very useful to manage your total body weight.

Upper back pain is very common in third trimester. It specially gives issue towards the right side of the back. The main reason of this pain is the growth of your baby. You need to wear different types of clothes also during this time. The size of the breast generally increases and the additional weight comes to the shoulders. It creates strain on your neck and consequently you face upper back pain. Therefore lose clothes can help you to remove additional pressure on your body. Maternity clothes are also available. It is highly recommended to consult your doctor if you are facing any type of issue which is going beyond your control.

Dealing With Heartburn During Pregnancy

There are a number of reasons due to which women feel heartburn at the time of pregnancy. We need to recognize the reason as early as possible so that proper treatment can be given. It helps to prevent any further issue. There are some reasons due to which women feel heartburn at this stage. The first reason is food. Those foods which are spicy are unhealthy for a pregnant woman. Foods including chocolate, tomatoes and fried food are also not beneficial. Alcohol and caffeine are also very hazardous. Therefore it is necessary for women to stay away from all these things during pregnancy. The general reason for this heartburn is the higher level of hormones in the body. This inequality of hormones alleviates the ligaments and it keeps the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) firmly clogged. These are reasons due to which you get burning sensation in the chest.

Water is very beneficial for overall excellent health. It helps to digest the food properly which controls the heartburn issue. Use pillow while sleeping. Your head should be minimum couple of inches above from the rest of your body. The movement of your stomach acid can be controlled with this position. It is recommended to wear lose clothes at the time of pregnancy. There should not be any kind of tightness around the stomach. Divide the same quantity of meal to several times in a day instead of just regular three times. Thoroughly chew up your meal. It is always better to eat at least two hours prior to go to bed. Always take care of your gastrointestinal system. Just pay attention towards these points. It is beneficial for you as well as your baby.

Handling Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one the most significant time for most of the women. Various type of changes related to life are bound to happen. It is not only the physical changes but also the mental changes which can affect a woman’s life. Women generally have to handle all these situations. It generally leads to stress in some cases. Here we are discussing some ways that can be helpful for a woman to handle stress during pregnancy.

We generally have to deal with stress in our day to day life. It is very tough for a woman to handle stress at the time of pregnancy. A little stress is better to perform good however additional stress is a big concern. According to most of the women stress can be handled only when we control various situations of our life. It is correct up to some extent. However we can easily see in most of the cases that it is our desires and additional requirements that play a crucial role here. If we learn to control our desires than we can easily find that we are handling the stress effectively. Women require the support of family in this condition. If the family is supportive than any type of stress can be controlled very easily.

Some women like to work till the due date which can be very stressful. They like to complete as much work as they can so that they would be able to give time to their baby. It has been found in most of the cases that these types of women may face a lot of complications. The same point does not apply to everyone because it can vary from one case to other. However generally it is unsafe to take so much tension if the due date is near.  Some common issues are nausea, swelling, back pain and repeated urination which women face in this condition. Therefore a healthy lifestyle with less work is required at the time of pregnancy to handle the stress. A good diet as per the suggestion given by your doctor is also needed. Eat fruits and sleep properly. Avoid alcohol, cigarette or any type of drug. It is the matter of not only your life but also for your baby’s life.